Give Yourself a Competitive Edge Naturally!

  • Do you find that your performance has leveled out?
  • Are you struggling with taking yourself to the next level?
  • Have you received an injury that just won’t go away?
  • Are you trying to make the team?
  • Are your thoughts keeping you behind?
  • What if you could find the key to peak performance beyond belief?
  • What if you could be free of physical and emotional pain without medication?
  • What if you could switch on the body’s own ability to heal itself and enhance performance?
  • What if you could do all these things with nothing more than your fingertips?

Achieving peak performance is your birthright, it is built in the human condition. Health and well-being is your natural state. The human body is designed to heal itself. The power to heal comes from within.


Our goal is to help athletes achieve consistent sports performance. We teach you that the body is perfect. The knowledge of knowing that the body is perfect comes with a price. That price is that you are totally responsible for everything that you experience in your athletic life. The good news is, that if you are responsible, you have total control over your results. If you can get your mind wrapped around this concept, the sky is the limit for your performance.

Thoughts, Feelings & Beliefs

Your thoughts, feelings and beliefs can affect your performance. You are exactly what you are feeling, not what you are thinking. Sport Energetic will guide you back to balance, that natural state of well-being. We will teach you how to release blocks and limiting beliefs that you have absorbed, inherited, adopted or picked up during your lifetime.

Pain & Injury

Whenever you are injured there are three components that need to be addressed at a cellular level:

  1. Trauma to the Body
    Immediate trauma settles into the receptors of the cells of the traumatized area. The trauma will remain there until it is signaled to be released.
  2. Emotions
    Whenever you are injured there is an emotional response. It can be called the “holy #*@t moment”. It is a direct result of an injury and the impact of what has just happened. There usually is a flood of thoughts and emotions regarding what the injury could possibly mean to you and your future as an athlete.
  3. Memory of Protection
    Immediately after an injury the body forms a memory of protection to keep the injured part of the body safe. Typically a person will hold themselves a certain way causing the body to adapt around the injury. When the injury heals the body must be signaled to release the memory of protection.

By addressing these components you will achieve faster, deeper and more complete healing. The body will do what it is told to do and by signaling it to completely process out an injury you can have absolute and complete recovery. This is an area of injury recover that is often overlooked.

You can feel pain in your body and feel hopeful or you can feel pain in your body and feel fear. The key is the vibrational difference between fear and hope and it is also the difference between complete recovery and not.

It’s All About the Emotions

Emotions can cause physical pain and physical pain can cause emotions. Emotions are the common denominator. Let us show you how you can make long-lasting permanent changes by addressing the emotions of athletics. The technique we use is called Reboot Tapping. It is an emotionally focused, memory centered self-help technique that gets to the root causes of why you have emotional and physical problems. It is acupressure done by tapping on meridian points with your fingertips that allows you to change the way you feel instantly. It is gently, quick and safe, and it WORKS!