Practice, Practice, Practice

golf islandLearn How Energy Psychology Can Improve Your Golf Game

We all have heard that practice makes perfect. The number one complaint of instructors is that most students of golf would rather be playing golf than practicing.

When we practice we are establishing a sound mind-body connection that can take a great deal of anxiety and stress away from the game. Our movements become “hard wired” and over time we perform by default. Our movements become one less thing to worry about.

There is no substitute for practice, however, if you are not as keen on practicing as your instructors would like you to be you can use a form of mental practice called Visual Motor Rehearsal (VMR). VMR was used with the Apollo Space Program to help astronauts practice and rehearse complex tasks. This concept was taken by Dr. Dennis Waitley PhD. and introduced to the Olympics in the 1980’s and 90’s. The results were astounding!

A group of Olympic runners were hooked up to biofeedback equipment to measure the brains electrical activity while physically performing a race. What resulted was that specific parts of the brain “fired” during performance. Likewise the same athletes were then asked to relax and visualize performing the same task and the results were the same. It made no difference if the athlete was actually running or imagining running. The brains activity was the same.

If you have been there in the mind you will go there in the body. Do not take our word for it. Give it a try.

Follow these steps:

  1. Identify an experience that you’d like to have. Perhaps it can be anything from the perfect shot to what you consider to be a perfect game.
  2. Get a vivid image of yourself having that experience and actually feel what it would be like to have it. Yell or jump for joy if you have to.
  3. Focus on the end-results ONLY! Do not let your mind go crazy trying to figure out how it’s going to happen (that’s not your job). All you have to do is identify, visualize (with feeling) then let it go.

Let us know how this work out for you!

Remember: When you visualize only consider the end result and focus on the feeling that would be generated as if you were already there.

Never underestimate the power of your own mind. After all the body will only do what the mind tells it to do.

In conclusion here are some heart warming quotes:
“Whatever the mind can conceive it can achieve” – W.Clement Stone 1902-2002
“Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.” Albert Einstein 1879-1955

Happy Golfing

This Will Be My Best Season Ever!

Sport PerformanceLearn How Energy Psychology Can Improve Your Game

If you do not believe that this will be your best season ever, it will not happen!

You will never perform better than what you believe. The real catch is that what you believe is actually beliefs you picked up from other people. Your beliefs are not your own. You learned them! When performing in your sport of choice you are literally doing so with your parents, school teacher, school bully, your boss, friends and other experiences from your life.

These experiences are all stored in your subconscious mind and are played to reinforce what you hold to be true about yourself, which will affect your performance.

To remedy this situation an athlete must become congruent with what they consciously want and subconsciously hold to be true. Conflict between our conscious and subconscious is where the true “mental game” is played. With only a few minutes of Reboot Tapping congruence can be achieved and performance enhanced.

As Henry Ford put it:
"Whether you think you can or whether you think you can’t,
 you are going to be right".

Golfers ‘Tap’ Into Psychology

This article appeared in the Golfweek magazine on March 25/2006. If you thought that this stuff is new, think again. Energy psychology for sports and especially golf has proven to make a huge difference in the performance.

Can you afford to not use this amazing technique for your golf game?

Read the article

PDF File

and then contact us for an appointment.

E-Motions of Competition

The mental game as it pertains to sports performance has progressed to mean so much more than relaxation, meditation, visualization or getting “in the zone”. There are many books and articles that state how such things can improve your game, and they probably do, however, these terms are becoming outdated and now fall under the activities that would be considered practice.

At Sports Energetic we look at the mental game for what it is, “cognitive congruence”, between what we desire consciously and what we hold to be true subconsciously. If these two levels of consciousness are not congruent you will always have conflict. These conflicts will show up physiologically and will affect performance in any sport. Making changes at this level will have personal, long lasting effects, not only with sports, but with all aspects of your work and personal life as well.

We look at maximizing sports performance from three approaches. This process will stop further performance issues while cleaning up and processing out the old.

Download the full PDF version of this interesting article by William Thompson.

Need Some More Convincing of the Benefits of Reboot Tapping for Golf?

Still not convinced that energy psychology  and Reboot Tapping in particular can improve your golf game? This article is from Golfweek Magazine of March 25/2006 talks about how Meridian Tapping helps improve your golf game.

Contact us today to make an appointment to get ready for the new season and play the best golf ever.

Achieve Peak Sport Performance with Energy Psychology

We guarantee we can improve your golf score, performance on the ice, basketball game, or any other sporting venue.

Peak Performance under Pressure
… no Problem!

Sports Performance
Sports Performance

Dear Sports Enthusiast,

This is an open letter to an Athlete, Coach or Association who wants steadfast peak performance in their sport of choice. Have you ever experienced…..

  • putting all your effort into training hard to achieve peak performance only to have self defeating thoughts and beliefs that will destroy your confidence the day of your competition?
  • moments before you are called upon to perform you get so overwhelmed and anxiety riddled that you can not think straight?
  • an injury that takes forever to heal or keeps reoccurring.
  • the feeling that your performance could have been better and that you could have given more to your efforts?
  • saying to yourself that you are not good enough and doubt your abilities?
  • finding yourself struggling to re-gain your concentration and confidence when victory is so near as the clock ticks away the last few minutes of the competition?
  • finding yourself saying that our team does well all season only to choke in the playoffs?

You can change the outcome of these realities by changing the way you perceive yourself, your situation and emotional attachments to limiting beliefs. These changes will affect every cell of your body. Professionals in the field of energy psychology all acknowledge that what you think and feel affects your performance. This is the key to being successful in any sport and can be applied to all aspects of life.

The Secret to Achieving Your Peak Performance is Reboot Tapping

Reboot Tapping is a modality of the growing field of energy psychology. It is simply used to help people relax; focus on personal issues that can affect peak performance by applying stimulation to the body’s subtle energy system by tapping on specific points similar to the way an acupuncturist might insert needles to relieve pain, anxiety or addictive behaviours.

This technique has been shown to be highly effective and efficient for those who practice it and can be learned by anyone within hours. It works and you can literally try it on everything.

The mandate of Meridian Vitality is to teach the Reboot Tapping technique to as many people in the sports field as possible and to encourage others to learn it well enough to pass it on. It is our experience that Reboot Tapping is a new path to peak performance through emotional and physical health. We want everyone to have the opportunity to know its benefits. Stress, limiting beliefs, anxiety, and injury are documented as the most debilitating issues for athletes. This is very costly to all stakeholders in the sports arena and can have devastating emotional consequences for all individuals involved.

Whether you are an individual, a team member or a coach Reboot Tapping can help you find the competitive edge you need. It will reduce fear, stress and anxiety while improving the way you see yourself in the world of competitive sports. We believe this will lead to a more productive and positive environment in competitive sports.

It is an honour to bring  Reboot Tapping to competitive sports and help Nova Scotia’s athletes achieve peak performance and give them the emotional edge they need to compete with confidence.

Contact us today and make an appointment with one of our counselors.

Energy Psychology for Improving Golf Performance

How can Energy Psychology Improve My Golf Game?

A modality of Energy Psychology called Reboot Tapping can be used for all aspects of your golf game such as: mechanical issues, weather conditions, course conditions as well as emotional states. As a matter of fact, you are actually able to overcome these issues and many more by communication directly with your body signaling it to make the necessary changes to adapt to any situation on the course.

Golf is a game where your body and mind must be on the same course. When they are not you will not perform at your best. You can practice all you want and make great improvements to your game, however, if your body and mind are not working as one you will never reach your peak performance and both body and mind will work against each other. THAT’S A FACT!

Our intention is not to teach you how to hit a ball with a driver or an iron, and we will not instruct you on any part of your game. As a matter of fact our knowledge of golf is very basic. What we will show you has nothing to do with how well we know golf. It has to do with what is between your ears … your brain.


This is accomplished through a series of taps (with fingertips) on Acupuncture end points on your face and hands. There are no needles involved and it is a do-it-yourself technique. Once learned you will literally have a tool at your fingertips for the rest of your life.

If you are having difficulty teeing off, not performing well on the fairway, or having problems with a certain club Meridian Tapping can help.

Reboot Tapping is also used to overcome limiting beliefs that impede your game such as “everybody else plays better than me” or “I never hit the ball where I want it to go” and “I have never been good at sports”.

Only 5% of our total consciousness goes into our conscience mind while the other 95% is the sub conscience. Who do you think is running the show? Keep in mind that the processing at the sub conscience level is done without our awareness. This means that for the most part we are clueless.

In this case what you don’t know can hurt you on the golf course. What happened to you last night, last week, last month, last year or back to your first year of life affects you right now, and affects all facets of your life. Understanding what is happening with your body, mind connection will significantly change the way you play golf.

Golfing with Meridian Tapping will not only improve your game, in any sport, but it will also make you a better, emotionally well rounded person. WOW! It’s like being your own therapist while doing something you love and if you do not love it, Meridian Tapping can help with that too.

Improve your Golf Game today and call for an appointment or to set up a clinic.

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