Should You Take Up Pole or Nordic Walking?

pole walking
pole walking
  • Have you ever heard or seen people walking with poles?
  • Why would they do this?
  • Do they use ski poles?

Why would you want to take up pole or nordic walking? What’s different to regular walking? The reason people use poles is that not only does it make walking more beneficial, but it actually takes less effort and is easier on our  bodies.

We use less than 50% of our  major muscles when we walk without walking poles – when we use fitness walking poles we use over 90%. In doing so we spread our weight out helping to lessen the load with which we hit the ground by 26% – making a big difference for those people who have back, hip, knee, ankle or feet problems.

While walking with poles we walk naturally align our spine and strengthen our core with each step – helping us to stand and sit taller.

We also don’t have to go as far or work as hard when we are using walking poles. We increase our cardio by 20% and our calorie burn by up to 48% without any more effort!

What more could you want? Oh! and you can do it in less time too—30 min of Pole walking is equal to 50 min of regular walking. It’s one of the most beneficial and rewarding activities you’ll ever do!

And no, they don’t use ski poles. These pole a specially made for walking and come with different feet, depending on the terrain and season.

This video explains the benefits of pole walking


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