Your Not Lifting Your Head

Your Not Lifting Your Head
This book is for all the golfers who incorrectly say and believe they lift their head or take their eye off the ball on a missed shot. If you have ever said it or thought it, you need this book!

This book also shows you the difference between a great teacher and poor teacher.

This was the first book written in “novel” or story format. It is a fun read and you will know exactly how to improve your game.

Get your free copy of Your Not Lifting Your Head by Charlie King. This is a full eBook with 184 pages

E-Motions of Competition

The mental game as it pertains to sports performance has progressed to mean so much more than relaxation, meditation, visualization or getting “in the zone”. There are many books and articles that state how such things can improve your game, and they probably do, however, these terms are becoming outdated and now fall under the activities that would be considered practice.

At Sports Energetic we look at the mental game for what it is, “cognitive congruence”, between what we desire consciously and what we hold to be true subconsciously. If these two levels of consciousness are not congruent you will always have conflict. These conflicts will show up physiologically and will affect performance in any sport. Making changes at this level will have personal, long lasting effects, not only with sports, but with all aspects of your work and personal life as well.

We look at maximizing sports performance from three approaches. This process will stop further performance issues while cleaning up and processing out the old.

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