Emotions of Fitness

Discover the secret to getting the results you want by making the ultimate mind – body connection with Energy Psychology.

  • Join us on Wednesday, May 25/2011 at Cole Harbour Place
  • Drop in for an informal chat to ask questions between 5 and 6:45 pm
  • Interactive Presentation 7 and 9 pm. The cost is $15 and includes a Reboot Tapping manual.

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Emotions of Fitness Presentation

Emotions of Fitness Presentation

The Reboot Tapping Sequence

Recently we have moved away from traditional EFT tapping to Reboot Tapping, a turbo charged, modified version of Robert Smith’s FasterEFT. Reboot Tapping is non-invasive and easy to learn, anyone can do it and it can be used for anything.

The best part is that it is just as effective if it is done virtually by imagining tapping the sequence, rather than actually doing it. This is very helpful in sports as nobody around you will see what you are doing, but you can use it right when you need it the most to give you that extra boost or calm you down.


  • Focus on your problem. Feel it (image, sensation, sounds) Stay in tune with it and make it as strong as you can.
  • Rate the intensity from 0-10 (0=gone, 10=big problem)
  • Close your eyes and picture in your mind’s eye that you are holding a bunch of balloons in your hand tied with a string. Notice the colors and shapes.
    • open your hand and let go of the balloons
    • watch them float away, high up until they have disappeared
    • open your eyes


Reboot Tapping Points
Reboot Tapping Points

Tap each of the Meridian Tapping Points

and say:

“Release and let go”

  • BE – Between Eyes
  • SE – Side of Eye
  • UE – Under Eye
  • CB – Collar Bone
Reboot Tapping Grab Wrist
Reboot Tapping Grab Wrist

Grab your wrist with opposite hand
and squeeze and say:

  • “It’s safe now to let it go”
  • Let go of your wrist
  • Take a deep breath in and
  • blow it out
  • Say: “Peace”
  • Rate your intensity again.
  • Has it changed?
  • Repeat tapping until intensity is 0.

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