When Pain Strikes – Tap!

painWhen pain strikes we typically reach for the pills.

Physical pain is a way in which our bodies communicate that there is something wrong. Our bodies will speak to us metaphorically i.e.: “you’re a pain in the neck”, or “I have the weight of the world on my shoulders”. It is no coincidence that we connect physical pain with the things that bother us emotionally. From this perspective pain is typically a symptom of an underlying negative emotion. It is important to listen to what your body is saying! The cause of all negative emotion is the result of a disruption in the body’s energy system and if those disruptions maintain themselves within the body long enough disease (a body not at ease) will manifest. Energy that is disrupted or blocked within the meridians will cause physical problems for those parts of the body and organs that are connected to those meridians.

Our bodies will store negative events (actual experiences) and thoughts (memories), within the body energetically, as well as biochemically. When we experience similar events and thoughts that are associated with the original trauma it can cause the areas where the original trauma is stored to “flare up”. Old injuries can also be revisited as the body has stored them energetically as well as biochemically. In this fashion, pain can be triggered in response to the things we experience in our environment and through our thoughts.

The Sports Energetic process speaks directly to your body signalling it to balance the energy flow along the meridians and release accumulated chemicals that attach to the receptors sites on the surface of the cells involved with the experience of pain.

It is important to deal with stress when it strikes in order to lessen the negative affects on your health.

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