This Will Be My Best Season Ever!

Sport PerformanceLearn How Energy Psychology Can Improve Your Game

If you do not believe that this will be your best season ever, it will not happen!

You will never perform better than what you believe. The real catch is that what you believe is actually beliefs you picked up from other people. Your beliefs are not your own. You learned them! When performing in your sport of choice you are literally doing so with your parents, school teacher, school bully, your boss, friends and other experiences from your life.

These experiences are all stored in your subconscious mind and are played to reinforce what you hold to be true about yourself, which will affect your performance.

To remedy this situation an athlete must become congruent with what they consciously want and subconsciously hold to be true. Conflict between our conscious and subconscious is where the true “mental game” is played. With only a few minutes of Reboot Tapping congruence can be achieved and performance enhanced.

As Henry Ford put it:
"Whether you think you can or whether you think you can’t,
 you are going to be right".

Host a Meridian Tapping Presentation For Sports

sport psychologyThe mission of Sport Energetic is to teach and practice Reboot Tapping to as many athletes, coaches and sporting organizations as possible. The goal is to improve sports performance by addressing the emotional component of competitive sports. This aspect is often overlooked.

Reboot Tapping has been shown to be highly effective and efficient for those who practice it and can be learned in a very short period of time. It is our experience that Reboot Tapping is a new path to peak performance and physical health and we would like for every athlete to have the opportunity to know its benefits.

Reboot Tapping is non-invasive, simple to learn and easily utilized by tapping on acupuncture points. It uses the same energy meridians as traditional acupuncture and often helps when everything else failed.

To that end we have developed a series programs. They are fun and informative offerings to athlete’s, coaches and sporting organizations.

Our services are designed to increase sports performance of athletes to challenge them to learn something new that can greatly increase their capacity to cope with any situation both in competition and in their private lives.

As you know your beliefs create your reality. You know that what you radiate you attract. The same universal law of attraction holds true in every aspect of your life…..including sports.

Thus your beliefs about what you desire consciously and what you hold to be true is influencing your current level of success.

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Presentations Details

Lunch and Learn Program (45 minutes – 1 hour)

Lunch and Learn is fun and innovative way to learn about Energy Psychology’s Reboot Tapping. Find out how you can apply this powerful tool to improve your sport performance, overall health and well being. The program consists of a Facilitated PowerPoint presentation of the basics of Reboot Tapping with handouts and interactive demonstration.
Cost: $150 Call now

Presentation (2 hours)

This program consists of a Facilitated PowerPoint presentation of the basics of Reboot Tapping with handouts and interactive demonstration focusing on issues specific to your sport and athletes.
Cost: $200 Call now

Team Development Program

(you choose the topic and time)

This program has a short Facilitated PowerPoint introduction to Reboot Tapping with handouts. It is specifically geared to address concerns that face teams by addressing the emotional components of competition in your sport which is often overlooked.
Cost: time dependent – Call now to discuss details