The Sports Energetic Process for Complete Injury Recover

Whenever you are injured there are three areas that need to be addressed at a cellular level:

1. Trauma to the Body


The first area of an injury to address is the trauma to the body. The immediate trauma settles into the receptors of the cells of the traumatized area. The trauma will remain there until it is signaled to be released. Accompanying trauma is adrenaline, pain and fear. After the trauma, pain and fear have subsided you may feel that they have been released from your cells receptors. The truth of the matter is they are still there and the cells must be signaled to release them.

2. Emotions

Whenever you are injured there is an emotional response. It can be called the “holy #*@t moment”. It is a direct result of an injury and the impact of what has just happened. There usually is a flood of thought s and emotions regarding what the injury could possibly mean to you and your future as an athlete. Typically you can experience, anger, fear, embarrassment, fear of re-injury, or even fear of death. These emotions are chemically represented in the body and can get stuck in cell receptors. In order to fully recover from any injury, no matter how small, these chemicals (emotions) must be released form the cell receptor sites.

3. Memory of Protection

Immediately after an injury the body forms a memory of protection to keep the injured part of the body safe. Typically a person will hold themselves a certain way causing the body to adapt around the injury. When the injury heals the body must be signaled to release the memory of protection. Unless the memory of protection is released the body will never return to a balanced and the body will remain in the adaptive state. The chances of re injuring yourself in this state are great. This will cause you to hold back athletic performance in order to prevent re-injuring the site.

Reboot Tapping can be used on current injuries, past injuries and range of motion issues.

Reboot Tapping addresses the three core components of an injury allowing the body to completely process out the emotional, physiological and bio-chemical factors.

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